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Dustin Keller injury: Player Reactions

The sad truth is that he was setting up to be the focal point of this offense.

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The more I read about the reactions across the league in regards to what happened to Dustin Keller last weekend, the angrier I get. I was very pleased that Hartline came to his teammates defense in the media, and after watching the grizzly replay, I've come to the conclusion that he's absolutely right. And now Tony Gonzalez (as respected a Pro as you will find in the league) is chiming in as well.

"I saw (Swearinger's) remark, 'That's just football,' and he showed a little bit of grief for the guy -- I'm not buying it at all. Don't tell me that the rules prohibit you from hitting a guy up top. You have a whole target area above his knee up to his neck that you can hit. I've watched that play a bunch of times," Gonzalez said during an interview with USA Today.

He added, "Any player who does that, I don't like it at all. I have no respect for that."

Gonzalez went on to talk about how the how the league and the media need to change their perceptions, "You're talking about a career-ending injury. ... It should be a fineable offense, just like going for the head is."  " ... I keep seeing the debate (on TV) and all these people saying, 'They're forcing defenders to go low.' No, they're not. That play was ridiculous," he concluded.

I couldn't agree more. The national media's portrayal of the whole incident is skewed. The NFL's player safety rules are a joke. Now the Dolphins have lost one of their biggest new additions for the entire season. It seemed clear to me that Keller was poised to have a break out year. He was a perfect fit for the system and Ryan Tannehill had established great chemistry with him almost immediately. I hope Charles Clay is able to step up. 

After initially being saddened by Keller's loss, I now find myself angry. What's your take on the matter?

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