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Dolphins in bottom half of uniform power rankings

The Miami Dolphins are debuting a new logo and uniform this year. According to ESPN and Uni Watch’s uniform power rankings, the new look is disappointing.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Power Rankings have officially jumped the shark. Even The Fonz could have seen this one. ESPN and Uni Watch have released their NFL uniform power rankings. Yes, it's a set of power rankings based on the jerseys each team wears.

Which brings up the question, how do you do "power rankings" off something that does not change week to week - or even year to year? Three NFL teams, the Miami Dolphins, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Jacksonville Jaguars, all are breaking out new looks this year. That means nine-percent of the league will wear a new uniform this season. And, that's a large number for the NFL in any given year.

What's the criteria for the rankings? In a team power rankings, you can base it on the team's play on the field, injuries the team may have suffered, and the strength of recent opponents. In a uniform power ranking you base it on...your personal like for a color?

All three of the new uniforms, according to ESPN/Uni Watch writer Paul Lukas, landed in the bottom half of the league (though the Vikings actually gained 14 spots), while teams like the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, and Oakland Raiders take the top three spots. Bias toward teams that simply never change their look?

ESPN's Ashley Fox, who analyzed the power rankings that were posted on ESPN's website (so, did we just jump the shark, then analyze the jumping of said shark, all on the same site?), wrote, "Lukas punished teams with modern looks."

As for the Dolphins themselves, Lukas placed them at 18, down nine from last year's rankings. Explaining the ranking, he wrote:

The new helmet logo is passable but still a downgrade, and the same can be said about virtually every other aspect of Miami's new uni set. The boring helmet stripe, the de-emphasis of the orange trim, the tramp stamp on the back of the pants, and on and on. And can someone please explain why the aqua pants are being paired with navy-topped socks?

Of course, with any mention of the new uniform, we have to ask the question, what do you think? Has the look grown on you if you did not like it originally? What do you think of the ranking and explanation from Lukas?

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