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2013 Dolphins Training Camp: Practice 17 Recap

The Miami Dolphins held training camp practice 17 yesterday. Here is a look at what happened during the workout.


The 17th and final practice of the Miami Dolphins' 2013 training camp was yesterday. Here's a look at what happened throughout the day.

Practice Observations

  • For the first time during training camp, the weather forced the Dolphins to conduct the entire practice in the bubble. Unfortunately, the practice was to be the final public practice of the year for the team, and practices in the bubble are closed to the public.

  • Ryan Tannehill continued his strong week of practice, again not turning over the ball and finding several receivers on deep connections. The same cannot be said for Matt Moore and Aaron Corp however, as they both were picked off during the workout (Corp twice).
  • Mike Egnew has really improved an awful lot I think he's a guy that we're really excited about.-Joe Philbin on players who elevated themselves in camp
  • Marcus Thigpen continues to work exclusively as a receiver. It appears he really is a receiver and not a running back anymore.

  • Josh Samuda is back in the starting line up as the right guard. With the injuries to the offensive line, and John Jerry and Lance Louis slowly being reintroduced to action, Samuda is the only real option at guard as this point. Hopefully he plays better against the Houston Texans than he did against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

  • Will Davis pulled in the interception from Moore, continuing his hit streak in training camp, while Reshad Jones and Philip Wheeler both grabbed the picks for Corp.

  • On his first day as the only kicker, Caleb Sturgis did not do much. Being in the bubble, the team did not work much special teams. Sturgis was spending more time with Brandon Fields and John Denney on the sidelines, however, after being shunned by the three veterans (including Dan Carpenter) prior to DC$'s release.

Injury News

  • Nate Garner's shoulder injury continues to hold him out of practice. He will likely remain out of action for a couple of weeks.

  • Quarterback Pat Devlin did not participate in practice again Thursday. He will not play Saturday in Houston.

  • As happened yesterday, Dion Jordan continued his new habit of dressing, warming up with the team, then heading inside for rehab work. The injury to Jordan still does not seem to be serious. Jordan will not play this week against the Texans.

  • Randy Starks continues to miss practice as well. Starks will sit out Saturday night's game.

Press Conference Quotes

  • "I think a lot of guys, some of the younger guys, some of the first year guys that we've had last year, going into year two have improved. Mike Egnew has really improved an awful lot I think he's a guy that we're really excited about. Olivier Vernon has taken another step forward, Jonathan Martin, Lamar Miller, a lot of those young players that we had. Josh Kaddu's another guy who I think a year ago this time was kind of feeling his way through but he's made a lot of progress. So I think the first and second year guys have done a nice job." - Joe Philbin on players who elevated themselves during training camp

  • "My focus the entire time was to come in here...Obviously John (Denney) and Brandon (Fields) are the best in the business at what they do. I'm trying to fit in with them and try do my job as good as I can do it." - Caleb Sturgis on how he will prepare for the start of the season

  • "We finally get to get done with the grind, but it doesn't stop here. We've got to continue to have good practices, come out, work hard every day. But I know one thing, we're going to be happy to sleep in our own beds soon." - Mike Pouncey on the end of training camp

Next Public Practice

  • Training camp practices are complete.