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Former Dolphins DB Eddie Jackson eliminated from Master Chef

Former Miami Dolphins defensive back Eddie Jackson has been competing on Fox's cooking show Master Chef. Unfortunately, his run ended last night.

Fox Broadcast Company

Last night, Fox aired the newest episode of their TV show Master Chef, with amateur cooks trying to prove that they are capable of being among the best cooks in the United States. Included in the group for this season's contest was former Miami Dolphins cornerback Eddie Jackson. Unfortunately, last night was the end of the road for Jackson.

Jackson played for the Dolphins in 2005 and 2006. He initially entered the league as an undrafted free agent in 2004 with the Carolina Panthers. With Miami, he appeared in 29 games, starting three, and recorded two passes defensed and 25 tackles. Near the end of the 2006 season, Jackson tore his ACL and was placed on injured reserve. The Dolphins did not tender him as a restricted free agent after the season.

After his time with Miami, Jackson was signed by the New England Patriots for the 2007 season, but broke his wrist three games into the season and was released. He attempted a come back the next season with the Washington Redskins, but did not make it out of training camp.

Jackson had an amazing run on the show, including winning one "Mystery Box" challenging, and distinguishing himself as one of the top cooks on the show. However, in a tag-team challenge during last night's episode, Jackson's unfamiliarity with preparing sushi proved to be the end of his contest.

Jackson was teamed with fellow contestant, Jessie Lysiak, and the two had to take turns working on a full platter of sushi, including a California roll and several more exotic styles. The two clearly brought up the worst of the three platters presented to judges Chef Gordon Ramsey, Chef Graham Elliot, and Restaurateur Joe Bastianich. In the end, the three judges decided that Jackson, who had over seasoned the rice, was the weak link between the two contestants.

Jackson finished the contest in eighth place. At the time of his departure, Jackson had been on the winning team for six different challenges, which, along with his individual Mystery Box win, made him the contestant with the second highest number of wins on the show.

Jackson's audition for the show:

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