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2014 prospect watch: Colt Lyerla

The Phinsider isn't just preparing for the 2014 NFL season--we love college football, too. And this year's draft prospect class features some outstanding talent that will soon electrify Sundays the way it dominates Saturdays. This is a video series of the top 25 league-wide draft prospects for 2014.

Those of you who dislike sappy draft analysis should do yourselves a favor and leave this page. It's about to get fanboy-ish in here.

I briefly talked about Colt Lyerla in the ASJ video post, but I'll gladly expand on my initial comments. Lyerla, who is Oregon's tight end extraordinaire, reminds me of a bigger, stronger Dallas Clark. He's comfortable with carrying the ball out of the backfield, and he's an absolute bull in the open field. Hands look strong and soft, and he's capable of making some highlight reel grabs in the more unwelcome areas of the field (see: over the middle). I want.