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Aaron Hernandez slammed door on police, more from released documents

Earlier today, a court order unsealed more than 150 pages of documents surrounding the Aaron Hernandez murder case.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Monday, June 17, the police had just found the body of Odin Lloyd and were beginning to ask questions. When they approached then New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, telling him that they were looking into a person's death, Hernandez slammed the door in the investigator's face and locked it, according to more than 150 pages of documents that were unsealed by court order earlier today.

The officers at the time recorded, "Mr. Hernandez's demeanor did not indicate any concern for the death of any person."

The unsealed documents also recorded the items taken from Hernandez's residence, over multiple searches from the police. They included a scale, believed to be used to weigh drugs, multiple cell phones and iPads, a hard drive, ammunition, and clothing. The text message conversation between Hernandez and Lloyd was also listed, with Hernandez beginning the conversation around 9:05 pm on June 16.

The rental agency, which provided Hernandez with the vehicle believed to be used the night Lloyd was killed, reportedly discovered a spent .45 shell casing under a child's drawing in the backseat of the vehicle. Other spent casings were found near the body of Lloyd, and the tire tracks in the area match the rented Nissan Altima.

Hernandez was arrested on first-degree murder charges, along with five weapons charges. He is currently being held without bail. Two other men have also been arrested in connection to the case.

The Patriots released Hernandez after he was arrested.

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