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Cameron Wake: Overlooked NFL Star

Miami Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake dominates opposing offensive lines, generating sacks at an incredible rate. takes a look at just how impressive Wake is.

Alex Trautwig

Every snap from an opposing offense has Miami Dolphins fans looking for another big play from defensive end Cameron Wake. And, he usually gives everyone what they want. Whether it's a sack, a QB hit, a hurry, a forced fumble, or something else, Wake is usually involved in disrupting opposing offenses. And, he does it at a pace like no one else. recently took a look at Wake, and his sacks per start rate. They start with a table, breaking down the top pass rushers in the league, but the sack per start metric.

Demarcus Ware 111 sacks, 127 starts .874
Jared Allen 117 sacks, 135 starts .867
John Abraham 122 sacks, 160 starts .763
Dwight Freeney 107.5 sacks, 142 starts .757
James Harrison 64 sacks, 95 starts .674
Julius Peppers 111.5 sacks, 168 starts .664
Terrell Suggs 84.5 sacks, 133 starts .635

But, then, they point out, the list is missing something at the top. That something would be none other than Wake. With 43 sacks in 47 starts, Wake is averaging .915 sacks per start. Ridiculous.

Even more so when you take into account that Wake was an undrafted free agent linebacker in 2005, who was cut by the New York Giants before training camp, then spent two years out of football before getting a shot with the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League in 2007. In 2009, the Dolphins brought him from Canada to South Florida, and he has been on a tear ever since.

Pre-Snap Reads goes on to a break down of Wake, with an in depth look at his sacks from 2012, the types of moves he makes, and when he is able to get to the quarterback. They also take a look at the players Wake is beating to get to the passer. It's an impressive article, so make sure you check it out.

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