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49ers' Colin Kaepernick wears Dolphins hat to 4th of July party

The Miami Dolphins are an up and coming team. So much so, it appears Colin Kaepernick wants to be seen as a member of the team. Okay, really, he's just wearing a hat....but it's fun to point out.


Last night, James McKinney posted a picture of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick showing up to a 4th of July party shirtless. But, that was not the point of the picture. It's the hat on his head that caused a double take. It's not a 49ers's a Miami Dolphins hat.

This morning, James posted a second picture of Kaepernick wearing the hat.

Looking through Facebook and Twitter, I think the credit for these two pictures goes to the DolFan Bandits, but I am not 100% on that. Of course, by now, they have been tweeted, retweeted, and Facebook shared so many times, we may never know who to fully credit. Whomever it is, thank you very much!

Here are the two images:

Really, in the end, this means nothing. He owns a hat. He wore the hat. But, at least it's something a little fun during this slow part of the offseason.

What do you all think of the fact that another team's franchise QB is wearing a Dolphins hat? What if it were Ryan Tannehill wearing a 49ers hat?

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