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Miami Dolphins Roster Poll: Weakest Link?

After the Dolphins heavy recruitment drive over the offseason, I’m still left wondering: is there still a weak link on this team?


Over the offseason, Stephen Ross has invested heavily in this football team. Finally it seems the cracks have been papered over with shiny new toys. That's in sharp contrast to previous seasons. This time last year there were many glaring holes. Many fans were left wondering how Jeff Ireland could leave our young signal caller, Ryan Tannehill, without a decent stable of wide receivers. For me, that was our glaring weakness last year.

But this year seems different. For instance, our wide receiver position must now surely be considered a strength, rather than a weakness. Meanwhile, Dustin Keller has been recruited as our starting tight end, while our young running backs shouldn't make us feel the loss of Reggie Bush too much. Sure, Jake Long left to seek pastures new, but the coaches seem confident Jonathan Martin can handle the role on the left tackle position, while Tyson Clabo solidifies the right. Then we have Richie Incognito pencilled in as one of our starting guards, leaving a whole slew of players to fight it out for the remaining spot opposite him. Even our cornerback and linebacker positions are much stronger, while our young safeties should continue to grow stronger and our defensive lineman are still a huge plus for the team.

This leads me back to my question from the beginning. Do we have a weak link on this football team? Is there a position teams will target next year in order to beat us? Please vote in the poll and share your thoughts below.