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Dolphins 2014 prospects: James Hurst

The Phinsider isn't just preparing for the 2014 NFL season--we love college football, too. And this year's draft prospect class features some outstanding talent that will soon electrify Sundays the way it dominates Saturdays. This is a video series of the top 25 league-wide draft prospects for 2014.

The 2014 OL class might not account for three of the first four draft selections next May, but it might be better in terms of overall talent at both tackle positions.

North Carolina's James Hurst is currently a bit of an unsung left tackle prospect in comparison to well-known players such as Texas A&M's Jake Matthews and Michigan's Taylor Lewan. Don't expect Hurst's relative anonymity to last for long, though. He's an absolute man-beast protecting the left side, with the quick feet and technique to nullify speed rushers, and the lower-base strength necessary to anchor against the bull rush. Tennessee's Antonio Richardson is currently the left tackleI want to see in Miami next spring, but that title could easily go to Hurst before the end of 2013. We'll see.