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2013 Miami Dolphins Schedule: Dolphins Over-Under line moves

Due to a heavy amount of traffic betting on the over, the Miami Dolphins 2013 win total betting line has moved. Do you think it is more realistic? Would you still put money on the over?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You can always tell the NFL season is getting close when book makers start adjusting their preseason win totals for each team. Published back in March or April, the lines usually are fairly stagnant until teams report to training camp. Then, the betting traffic picks up, and lines move. That exact scenario happened this week with the Miami Dolphins.

According to, the Dolphins were initially projected to have a 7.5 wins line. However, after heavy action on the over, the line has shifted to an even eight games. The under is currently even, meaning if you were to (legally) place a $100 bet on the Dolphins having fewer than eight wins, you would win $100 back. The over is still paying off at less, at a -130 odds, meaning you have to pay $130 to make $100 if the Dolphins go over eight wins.

Around the AFC East, the New England Patriots still lead the way with an 11 win line, which is down half a game from the opening 11.5 following under bets due to the Aaron Hernandez arrest and the question marks surround Rob Gronkowski’s health. The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets are both sitting at 6.5 wins.

What do you think of these lines? Is Miami’s eight win line accurate? What about the rest of the AFC East?

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