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NFL Supplemental Draft Schedule, Eligible Participants

The almost annual NFL Supplemental Draft will happen this season, with at least two players eligible for selection. South Alabama CB Damond Smith and UCF DE Toby Jackson are reportedly set for the selection process.


The 2013 NFL Supplemental Draft appears to be happening with South Alabama's Damond Smith and UCF's Toby Jackson both eligible for the process. The draft is scheduled for July 11.

The Supplemental Draft is an opportunity for players who did not enter the regular draft, but for some reason are no longer eligible for NCAA football. The process is a silent/blind auction where teams bid for players. Each team is given an opportunity to enter a selection for a player, indicating in which round the player would be selected. The draft then proceeds until a player is selected in any round. If multiple teams select a player in the same round, the team with the highest "weight" is awarded the player. A team's weight is based off a tiered system, using win loss records from the previous season.

The order is essentially the same as the first round of the preceding NFL Draft.

Any team that makes a selection in the Supplemental Draft then forfeits that pick in the regular Draft the next year.

South Alabama cornerback Damond Smith entered the Supplemental Draft this season after discovering he was not eligible to be signed by the Green Bay Packers as an undrafted free agent after April's Draft, according to Packers scout John Middlekauff. The 5'11" Smith ran a 4.44 second 40-yard dash at South Alabama's Pro Day, after tranferring there from Western Michigan.

Middlekauff also mentioned that UNLV defensive end James Boyd may be trying to enter the Supplemental Draft. He played last season with UNLV after spending two years at a junior college, playing quarterback.

According to, UCF defensive end Toby Jackson will also be in the Supplemental Draft. He played in nine game in 2011 for the Knights, but was ineligible last season for academic reasons. He will host a Pro Day on July 8 at a Georgia High School, hoping to impress NFL scouts.

During last year's Supplemental Draft, eight players were entered. However, only wide receiver Josh Gordon was selected, with the Cleveland Browns using a second round pick on him.

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