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Dolphins roster bubble: Wide Receivers post Armon Binns injury

A couple of days ago, we took a look at the wide receiver roster bubble. Now, with news that Armon Binns has been lost for the year, it's already time to update that post.

Courtesy: Miami Dolphins

Well, unfortunately, it did not take long for us to have to relook the Miami Dolphins' wide receiver situation. Just a couple of days ago, we took a look at the Dolphins' wide receiver roster bubble. Today, word came that Armon Binns has torn his ACL and MCL, meaning he will miss the entire season. That also means we now need to update the roster bubble.

Starter level (No Change)

  • Mike Wallace - Wallace still maintains the top spot, to no one's surprise. He and quarterback Ryan Tannehill seem to be starting to develop the chemistry needed for success this year.
  • Brian Hartline - Hartline remains number two, and will likely continue to be one of Tannehill's favorite targets. With Binns gone, Hartline is the only receiver on the roster with whom Tannehill has any chemistry from last year, which could also earn him even more targets this season.
  • Brandon Gibson - Gibson's hold on the number three position solidified with Binns' injury.

Reserve level

  • None.

Bubble level

  • Marvin McNutt - McNutt is the most likely to fill the first reserve spot on the depth chart. He's been having a good training camp, turning heads during the practices. He is not yet a lock for the roster, which is why he was not moved up to the reserve role, but he may be pretty close now.
  • Brian Tyms - Without doing much today, Tyms may have just found himself on the Dolphins' 53-man roster. After a year on the practice squad, Tyms has looked solid, but unspectacular, early in training camp. If Rishard Matthews' injury (discussed below) does keep him out for an extended period of time, Tyms should be the fifth receiver on the roster.
  • Jeff Fuller - At this point, your guess is as good as anyone else out there. I give the nod here to Fuller as the sixth wide receiver simply because he has been in the system (with the practice squad) for a year. I would not be surprised at all to see one of the players below jump over Fuller.

Practice squad / Who? level

  • Chad Bumphis / Jasper Collins / Kenny Stafford / Andrell Smith - I kept the practice squad/who level bunched because there's not a lot of separation between them. Smith was signed earlier today, likely in response to the injury to Matthews. Now, the team may be looking to one of these four to push the three guys above. All of them still have practice squad eligibility.


  • Armon Binns - The Dolphins claimed Binns off of waivers near the end of last season. After seeing playing time with little time to actually learn the playbook, Binns appeared set to have a breakout year in 2013. Unfortunately for him, that's off now due to the torn ACL and MCL. He was entering the final year of his contract and could have stood to see a sizable pay raise if he could play in season like he had been in training camp.
  • Reshard Matthews - While Matthews is not out for the season, reports on his injury (still undisclosed) are that he will be out several weeks. He was one of the top two players, with McNutt, who could have taken advantage of the Binns injury. Instead, he now has to try to get himself healthy.

What do you think the Binns injury does for Miami's wide receiver corps? Should Fuller or Tyms be considered a reserve at this point, or are they still on the bubble. What happens if Matthews is lost for more than a few weeks?

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