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Dolphins roster bubble: Wide Receivers

After five days of training camp, the Miami Dolphins have their first off day today. With the first set of practices complete, we take a look at the status of the Dolphins' wide receivers.


The Miami Dolphins are enjoying their first off day during their 2013 training camp. As fans, it is also a chance for us to step back and evaluate the practices we have seen so far, and compare it to the roster. While there are still plenty of practices left before the final roster cuts, what fun would following every practice be if we did not immediately speculate where the players stand on the roster?

This afternoon, we take a look at the Dolphins' wide receivers, and where they are on the roster.

Starter level

  • Mike Wallace - Clearly the Dolphins' top receiver this season. He and quarterback Ryan Tannehill still need to work on their chemistry, but it will come along. Wallace had a good day on Wednesday, and started getting into a rhythm with Tannehill.
  • Brian Hartline - Last year's top receiver will play opposite Wallace this year, and will likely benefit from the attention Wallace will draw. Hartline led the league in receiving yards through four games last year, until defenses figured out he was really the only receiving threat on the team and rotated coverage over him. He's been one of the two most consistent receivers so far in training camp.
  • Brandon Gibson - His signing this offseason led to the team trading away slot receiver Davone Bess. The team is hoping he will be able to get comfortable in the slot, a position he has not played before. The past few practices have seen him start to get comfortable, and he is starting to look like the player the team hoped they signed. He's not a sure starter, thanks to our reserve receiver, but he should be given the first shot at the position.

Reserve level

  • Armon Binns - He is making a good case for starting over Gibson, and, along with Hartline, has been the top receiver in camp so far. He will easily make the roster at this point, and he is making a case for plenty of playing time.

Bubble level

  • Marvin McNutt - Fans see him further down the depth chart than I do (funny how last year, fans were mad the Dolphins did not draft/waiver claim McNutt, now they did and fans are not sure they want him). His name seems to come up every day, and he seems to be doing everything the team asks of him. He's by no means a sure thing for the roster, but McNutt is probably on the safe side of the roster bubble right now.
  • Rishard Matthews - Wednesday's practice had me bump Matthews back up ahead of the next receiver, but between all three of these players, there's not a lot of space, and any of them could make a case for a roster slot.
  • Brian Tyms - The second year receiver out of Florida A&M is charging hard at making the roster this year. He spent last season on the practice squad, and appears to have developed a lot from that experience. He could find his way onto the roster as the last receiver, continuing to develop before landing an even bigger role in 2014. Tyms is still practice squad eligible this year.

Practice squad / Who? level

  • Chad Bumphis / Jasper Collins / Jeff Fuller / Kenny Stafford - I grouped all four of the players into one comment because they are all at the same point. Sure, we all recognize the names, but that is because we are fans of the team. None of these guys have made a big impact during training camp so far, and could find themselves either looking for a job or hoping to make the practice squad. All of them have practice squad eligibility.

Now, it's your turn. Where am I way off? Who do you see making the roster? Can Bumphis, Collins, Fuller, or Stafford fight their way up the depth chart? Let us know in the comments.

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