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Dolphins Roster Breakdown: Josh Samuda

Over the course of the offseason, we will take an in-depth look at every member of the Miami Dolphins' roster. All 90 players will be spotlighted, with the goal being to complete the look before the team's first preseason game (13 days from today). Today, we look at center Josh Samuda.


We are currently making our way through the Miami Dolphins' 90-man offseason roster, breaking down last season for each player, as well as what could happen this year. Today, we continue today with a look at center Josh Samuda.

2012 Review:

An undrafted free agent after the 2012 season, Samuda proved himself worthy of a roster spot last season. It gave him a chance to work with a Pro Bowl caliber center in Mike Pouncey, as he works to develop his game.

By the end of the season, Samuda had gone from someone just hoping to prove himself worthy of a chance to someone who played in all 16 games, primarily as a special teamer. He did spend a portion of the Week 9 game at the Indianapolis Colts playing center when Pouncey was injured.

Why he could improve in 2013:

A year under his belt, and a year learning from Pouncey, should be enough to keep him improving. Samuda is still raw, but he has potential, and is really the only player on the roster as a center, other than Pouncey. He could be asked to start developing his skills as a guard as well, which would give him some versatility and keep his value to the roster high.

Why he could regress in 2013:

Despite the playing time last year, he's still a second year player who went undrafted in the 2012 selection meeting. He may not have a high enough ceiling to keep him around the roster, if someone else comes on strong in training camp.

Odds he will make the 53-man roster:

Probably pretty good chance Samuda will continue with the team in 2013. He only has to beat out undrafted free agent rookie Sam Brenner, who is listed as a center on the roster (and, interestingly, Samuda continues to be listed as a guard). He has the experience to keep him around for another year - however, that experience also makes him ineligible for the practice squad. It's 53 man roster or nothing for Samuda.

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