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Dolphins Training Camp 2013: Day 2 Live Thread

The Miami Dolphins continue their 2013 training camp today. Join us in the live thread to keep up with all the action during the workout.


We've reached Day 2 of the Miami Dolphins' 2013 training camp. As a lot of us, myself included, have a little thing called work that gets in the way of tracking everything that happens throughout the live, public, practices. In order to help you (well...mostly to help me, but you can piggy back on it as well...), we will begin posting a daily live thread for training camp.

And, to make sure we all can check out what's happening, I've included a Twitter feed, using the list of Twitter accounts we posted here on the site yesterday. That also means, there is now a list of the Dolphins' twitter accounts that you can follow.

Please remember this is a front page, live thread. Keep the language and topics of discussion to appropriate things. Also, this is not a random live thread - this is a training camp live thread. Stay on topic - use this as a practice for when we get to game days.

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