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2013 Miami Dolphins AFC East Opponent Preview: The New York Jets

With the 2013 NFL regular season just across the horizon, lets take a look at one of our arch-rivals, the New York Jets.

Alex Trautwig

During the offseason much has been focused upon the Dolphins roster, and rightly so. However in order for us to win games, the team need to expose the opposition's weaknesses. For that reason, I thought now was a good time as any to take a sneak preview at one of our arch-rivals, the New York Jets.

2012 Record: 6-10

2012 Season: The 2012 season was one to forget for the ‘Gang Green Nation'. The team created a media frenzy by trading their 4th and 6th round pick to the Denver Bronco for one of the most polarizing quarterbacks in the NFL, Tim Tebow. Unfortunately for the Jets the media frenzy turned into a circus-like atmosphere.

But maybe that's an unfair assessment on the Jets' season. In reality the two biggest events were the loss of Darelle Revis to an ACL tear in Week 3, and wide receiver Santonio Holmes' Lisfranc injury a week later.

The low point of the Jets' season was the 49-19 loss to the New England Patriots. It was in this very game where fans from across the globe were introduced to the infamous "butt-fumble", when Mark Sanchez lost the football after running into the backside of offensive lineman Branden Moore.

Late in the season, Rex Ryan finally decided to bench Sanchez in favor of Greg McElroy (and instead of Tim Tebow), after Sanchez threw four interceptions during the Titans game.

All in all, many Jets fans will want to move on from the 2012 season as soon as possible after finishing their first losing season under Rex Ryan.

What they must fix: Without doubt the Jets need to solve their quarterback situation. While it's out of the question that Mark Sanchez will be cut due to his mammoth $17 million salary cap hit, Geno Smith will at least provide competition. One thing going for the team is the hiring of new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. The former Eagles offensive coordinator has had success with quarterbacks in Philadelphia and may just get the best out of either Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez.

What they're good at: Defence. While not spectacular, the Jets still have an efficient unit. The loss of Darrelle Revis will be a blow to the team, but newcomers CB Dee Milliner and DE Sheldon Richardson will provide the franchise with some much-needed youth. However the issue remains with the Jets' pass rush. In 2012 the Jets 3-4 defense only mustered 30 sacks, with 12 ½ of those coming from players that are no longer with the team. Quinton Coples and Antwan Barnes must step up to the plate in 2013.

Dark horse player of the year: Keep an eye on Bryan Winters. The rookie can play either guard or tackle, and will find a way to get on the field in his first season.

What this means for the Dolphins: At this point it's difficult to see the Jets finishing higher than the Dolphins this season. Consider the Jets in rebuild mode for a few years yet.

Season prediction: 4-12

I really believe the Jets will struggle this year. They've lost players in order to get their salary cap in order, and have yet to replace them with players that are better. While it's good news to the fan base in New York that the Jets are finally infiltrating young blood into their ranks, don't expect the Jets to be a playoff contender for a few years yet.

What do you think? Will the Dolphins finish the 2013 regular season higher than the New York Jets? Let's hear your thoughts.