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Fan final requests to Miami Dolphins

This week, a story circulating around the sports world is a Cleveland Browns fan who, in his final requests, asked for six pallbearers from the team so the Browns “let him down one more time.” Which made us wonder, what would be your final request from the Miami Dolphins?

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Maybe it's a little on the dark side, but obviously, Scott Entsminger had a sense of humor. A self described "life long" Cleveland Browns fan, he passed away on July 4th. In his obituary, he respectfully requested six pallbearers from the Browns so that the team could "let him down one more time."

The story has floated around Facebook, Twitter, and even the mainstream media over the past few days. The Browns themselves responded by contacting Entsminger's widow, and, while they pointed out that the team is not currently in training camp, and would not be able to honor the request (would they really if the team had been available?), they did find out that Entsminger's favorite player was Lou Groza.

During the celebration of Entsminger's life on Tuesday, all of his Browns memorabilia was on display, with the family all wearing Browns jerseys. When the room was opened up for stories of Entminger's life, two managers from the Browns stood up and asked for Patty, Entsminger's widow, to join them. They presented her with a number 76 jersey, Hall of Famer Groza's number, but with Entsminger on the back.

Looks like the Browns did not want to let him down this time.

With such a great story, and a man, and family, who clearly have a great sense of humor, even in such a moment, we thought we would ask, what would be your final request to the Miami Dolphins? Would you try to make a statement? Would you do something funny? How would your love of the Dolphins be immortalized in your final request?

Let us know in the comments below.

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