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Phinsider Mailbag: Miami Dolphins Pro Bowlers Past and Future

The Phinsider Mailbag returns today with a question about Miami Dolphins Pro Bowlers. A reader wants to know, who are the recent Dolphins to make the all-star game, and which members of the team could make it this season.


The Phinsider Mailbag opens today, with a question about the Pro Bowl. For the second straight edition of the mailbag, FishNFinz gives us our question. Via email, he writes:

How bout a tally of previous Dolphin pro-bowlers by year (last 5-10), a list/summary of potential Dolphin pro-bowlers this year, and a poll asking how many Dolphins will make the pro-bowl this year?

Sounds good. Let's get to it (starters in italics):


  • Cameron Wake, Defensive End
  • John Denney, Long Snapper
  • Richie Incognito, Guard - Super Bowl replacement
  • Randy Starks, Defensive Tackle - Injury replacement


  • Jake Long, Tackle
  • Brandon Marshall, Wide Receiver
  • Paul Soliai, Defensive Tackle - Injury replacement


  • Jake Long, Tackle
  • Cameron Wake, Defensive End
  • John Denney, Long Snapper
  • Randy Starks, Defensive Tackle - Injury replacement


  • Jake Long, Tackle
  • Yeremiah Bell, Safety - Injury Replacement
  • Dan Carpenter, Kicker - Injury replacement


  • Joey Porter, Outside Linebacker
  • Ronnie Brown, Running Back
  • Jake Long, Tackle - Injury replacement


  • Jason Taylor, Defensive End


  • Jason Taylor, Defensive End
  • Zach Thomas, Linebacker


  • Jason Taylor, Defensive End
  • Zach Thomas, Linebacker
  • Chris Chambers, Wide Receiver


  • Jason Taylor, Defensive End


  • Adewale Ogunleye, Defensive End
  • Patrick Surtain, Cornerback
  • Brock Marion, Safety
  • Zach Thomas, Linebacker

Over the last 10 years, the Dolphins have had at least one Pro Bowl player every season. Over that span, the Dolphins have sent 17 defensive players, 7 offensive players, and 3 special teamers. Jason Taylor and Jake Long lead the way over that span with four appearances each.

Of current Dolphins, Cameron Wake, John Denney and Randy Starks lead the way with two appearances each.

As for possible Pro Bowl players this season, the Dolphins have several with the potential to make it. In the order of likelihood:

  • Cameron Wake, Defensive End - He's been twice already, and is really starting to be noticed among fans, despite the four losing seasons in a row the Dolphins have suffered. There's no reason to think Wake won't be able to return to the game for a third time.
  • Reshad Jones, Safety - Jones broke out last year, and should have made his first Pro Bowl for the season he had. However, his top game came just days after the coaches and players completed their voting. As long as he continues to play like he did last year, Jones should be heading to Hawaii in February.
  • Mike Wallace, Wide Receiver - The newly signed Wallace went to the 2011-2012 Pro Bowl and, as the Dolphins' number one receiving option this year, could do enough to return this year, the first offensive skill player for Miami to make the game since Brandon Marshall won the MVP in that same game.
  • Mike Pouncey, Center - Pouncey not making it last year is simply wrong. He's at the top of his game, and if he is not the top center in the AFC, he's number two. However, his twin brother Maurkice has the name recognition, and could end up beating Mike out again. It's an up-hill battle for Pouncey, but it's not because he's not deserving.
  • Randy Starks/Paul Soliai, Defensive Tackle - The Dolphins have sent a defensive tackle to the all-star game each of the last three years. If the pattern holds, it should be Soliai's turn. Either one of the two could make it, especially since they have both already been there.
  • Brandon Fields, Punter - Field led the league in average punt yards last year. He should have been in consideration for the game. As long as he is able to return to that form, he should be in consideration for the game.
  • John Denney, Long Snapper - There's no real way to assess if Denney will be added to the roster. He's put on the roster as the coach's special teams selection, so it's really up to whomever ends up being the AFC's coach.
  • Brian Hartline, Wide Receiver - The Pro Bowl seems to reward players a year after they play to that caliber. If that holds, and Hartline is able to take advantage of the defensive attention Wallace will get this year, he could sneak his way onto the roster, most likely as an alternate, making his first Pro Bowl appearance.
  • Richie Incognito, Guard - Once an offensive lineman makes the Pro Bowl, he typically continues to make the Pro Bowl. Incognito was an alternate for the game, who made it in once the Baltimore Ravens won the AFC Championship (replacing Marshal Yanda on the roster). He very easily could return to that role again, and end up making the roster.

I left of some players who absolutely could make the Pro Bowl, but are less likely than the above list. Players like Brent Grimes, who could make a second Pro Bowl trip if he is healthy and able to return to his 2010 form, Dannell Ellerbe, who made a name for himself with the Baltimore Ravens last year and will be looking to star this year, and Dustin Keller, who could become a focal point of the offense for the Dolphins this year.

Of course, Ryan Tannehill, Lamar Miller, Olivier Vernon, Dion Jordan, and several other players could make it if they get off to ridiculous starts to the season.

And, one caveat, if the Dolphins do sign free agent fullback Vonta Leach, he immediately jumps onto the list around Reshad Jones.

Finally, FishNFinz asked for a poll, so check out the poll below and vote for how many Pro Bowlers the Dolphins will have this year.

Now, it's time to get your questions in. Send us an email at or Tweet us @ThePhinsider and use the hashtag #PhinsiderMail.

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