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Dolphins Mount Rushmore - The second group

There has been a lot of talk around SB Nation and around the internet of NFL teams' respective Mount Rushmore - the top four people in the team's history. Since the top four in Miami Dolphins history are already a known commodity, we will today ask, who is the first person on Mount Rushmore 2.

Doug Pensinger

The Miami Dolphins have a history filled with great players, coaches, and executives. There are many people who are worthy of being immortalized on a giant sculpture built into the side of a mountain. Today, we will take a look at some of them, but not the first set. Instead of taking a look at the Dolphins' Mount Rushmore (Phinsmore?), we are going to start building Mount Rushmore 2.

This has been a topic of discussion among the SB Nation editors lately, with some sites already well into the development of their respective top four. It's also been a topic among several websites and on Twitter, including some discussion of the Dolphins' selections.

But, really, the top two are set. No one is knocking Don Shula or Dan Marino off the top of the mountain. The next two positions could probably go to four different people. I won't say who the other two are, simply so I don't add a bias to the poll below, but I will fill Mount Rushmore 1. I will simply turn to the other two numbers that are retired by the Dolphins. That means the Dolphins first Mount Rushmore is Shula, Marino, Bob Griese, and Larry Csonka.

But, who is the next set of four? That's for you to decide. Vote in the poll below, selecting up to four possibilities, and we will take a look at who, as a community, we put on Mount Rushmore 2.

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