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2014 prospect watch: Jake Matthews

The Phinsider isn't just preparing for the 2014 NFL season--we love college football, too. And this year's draft prospect class features some outstanding talent that will soon electrify Sundays the way it dominates Saturdays. This is a video series of the top 15 league-wide draft prospects for 2014.

It's positively disturbing to consider the fact that two of 2014's best tackle prospects--Texas A&M's Jake Matthews and Michigan's Taylor Lewan--were right on the cusp of entering the 2013 draft, a gala that featured three tackles selected within the first four picks, and six offensive linemen within the first 11 selections. Matthews was right to stay in school, though. As a result, he's the No. 1 OT prospect in this year's class (for now, at least).