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2014 prospect watch: Tajh Boyd

The Phinsider isn't just preparing for the 2014 NFL season--we love college football, too. And this year's draft prospect class features some outstanding talent that will soon electrify Sundays the way it dominates Saturdays. This is a video series of the top 15 league-wide draft prospects for 2014.

Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd should thank players like Drew Brees, Andy Dalton and Russell Wilson. Without them, he'd probably be graded as a non-first-round quarterback prospect due to height (Boyd stands 6-foot-1). Of course, NFL scouts have been forced to rethink size requirements in the wake of Wilson's outstanding rookie season, and that means Boyd could go within the first 10 or even five selections next spring. At this point, he's the No. 2 quarterback on my 2014 Big Board, and the No. 1 slot isn't out of the question for him. Why? Check out his performance against LSU in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl last New Year's Eve. Not bad, Tajh ... Not bad.