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Brian Hartline weighs in on new Miami Dolphins uniforms

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline recently took part in a conference call with fans. One of the question posed was about the team's new look in 2013.

Photo courtesy Miami Dolphins

Throughout the summer, the Miami Dolphins are holding a set of conference calls between fans and players. Recently, Brian Hartline took part in one of those conference calls, answering fans' questions.

One of those inquiries was about the team's new logo and uniforms for 2013.

"I love it," Miami's leading receiver in 2012 answered. "I hate to admit to a lot of the fans out there, but I was not a huge Dolphins fan growing up so with all due respect I didn't have a huge tie to (the old logo). I think (the new logo) is much more Miami, the colors more specifically are awesome, I love the way they kind of went to a lighter color scheme. They really took the input of guys like Dan Marino, Don Shula, (Bob) Griese, and Jason Taylor so if (the logo and uniforms) are good enough for them, they're good enough for me. I love the way the uniforms are too, love the colors and the logo, and I look forward to putting it on this season."

Now that we are nine weeks or so since the new uniforms were released, are you getting used to them? How do you feel about them? If you initially disliked them, are they starting to grow on you?

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