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ESPN's Top 10 Running backs for 2016

ESPN continues their 2016 preview, three years before we actually get there, with a look at the running back position. Here's a quick look at some of the rankings.

Christian Petersen

ESPN is continuing their look at how the NFL landscape could change between now and 2016, this time with the running back position. Of course, running backs will be interesting to watch over the next few years, both as the NFL continues to transition more and more to a pass first, second, and third league, as well as the trend to get the younger, cheaper option for the position.

The countdown starts with Cleveland Browns rusher, Trent Richadson, followed by Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and Doug Martin, from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

One of the more interesting players on the list is the fourth positioned Marcus Lattimore. The 2013 rookie obviously is going to have to recover from the nasty knee injury he suffered in college, but, if he does, he really could be an amazing addition for the 49ers.

As for a Miami Dolphins player on the list, Lamar Miller made the "honorable mentions" list, along with Montee Ball, Eddie Lacy, and Alfred Morris. ESPN's Matt Williamson also included starts of today, who could still be producing three years from now, in the honorable mentions, including Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice.

Do you think Miller will be a top 10 running back in 2016? Will the Dolphins still be using him, or will they have moved on to Mike Gillislee, or someone else?

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