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Offseason Discussion: Which Miami Dolphins jersey do you wish you didn't have?

Let's face it, we all have a jersey or two (or seven) of players who either did not pan out for the Dolphins, or was not with the team long enough to actually warrant getting the jersey. So, which one(s) do you have?

Kevin Nogle

Yes, those are all mine. Talk about money simply to have things hang in a closet. I can't help it. I already have three Ryan Tannehill jerseys, a Mike Wallace, and a Dion Jordan. I think it may be a disease.

Of course, I also have several Dan Marino, a couple of Zach Thomas, a couple of Ricky Williams (one of my all time favorite players, so I can't regret that), a couple of Chad Pennington (my first orange and first red, so those were good buys as well), and a Jason Taylor, so not all my jerseys are wrong - but those in the picture hurt. (Okay, Jake Long doesn't hurt all that much, given he has four Pro Bowls in five years, but I expected him to be with the team at least another 5 years, not playing for Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams. And, that black Reggie Bush one is awesome.)

We all have them. Jerseys where we jumped the gun on the next great Dolphins player, only to see them released, traded, or out of the league before we even get a chance to wear the jersey enough times to warrant buying it.

So, who do you have? Who is buried in the back of your closet? Let out that secret.

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