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ESPN Top 10 QBs for 2016

ESPN is continuing its look at the 2016 season, trying to project what will happen three years from now. They recently took a look at who the top 10 quarterbacks from the '16 season would be. Anyone think Ryan Tannehill gets any sory of love?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL season is three years away, but the NFL is also an ever changing environment, with players coming into their own after a development period. ESPN has been taking a look at the current NFL landscape, and trying to project what it will look like in three years. Recently, they gave the fast forward treatment to the quarterback position - anyone think Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill make the list? (Would I be writing this if he didn't?)

At the top spot, ESPN ranks Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. It's hard to argue against that one. Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson complete the top three, again, hard to argue.

Then, in the ninth spot, ESPN puts Tannehill. Of Tannehill's ranking, Mike Sando wrote:

Tannehill's rookie season was a grind at times, but strong performances against top defenses belonging to Seattle, Arizona and Cincinnati showed a window into the future. The Dolphins have moved aggressively to upgrade the talent around Tannehill, increasing his chances for success. Personnel evaluators I polled felt strongly about clearing a spot for Tannehill on this list even though more established players such as Eli Manning, Drew Brees and possibly even Brady or Peyton Manning could still be a factor in 2016.

Maybe the biggest surprise of the list comes with the spot just ahead of Tannehill, where Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III ranks eighth. They ranked him lower than expected because of his style of play being questionably sustainable.

Not included in the list are some other surprising names like Joe Flacco, Tony Romo and Andy Dalton (along with the older crowd like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady), all of whom were "honorable mentions."

What do you think? Do you see Tannehill as a top 10 quarterback in the league? Will he start that growth this season?

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