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Brian Hartline talks Ryan Tannehill, Austin Spitler on Brent Grimes

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline is coming off his best career season. What does he think of the future of the team? He spoke about Ryan Tannehill, with linebacker Austin Spitler discussing Brent Grimes.


Last season, the Miami Dolphins passing game was centered on wide receiver Brian Hartline. In fact, other than Davone Bess, Hartline was the passing game. So, who else would be a subject matter expert on the growth of second year quarterback Ryan Tannehill from last year to this?

"He's making every throw, his deep ball looks awesome, and he's got great touch - you don't feel like it's a rocket coming into your hands," Hartline told the Palm Beach Post's Andrew Abramson Tuesday. "His improvement has been amazing. Actually I wouldn't say amazing because I've seen it week in and week out and how much work he's put in. It hasn't come out of nowhere. It's not surprising."

Meanwhile, linebacker Austin Spitler noticed the performance of one of Miami's free agent signings this year. "Brent Grimes has had one heck of an offseason," Spitler said. "He showed how explosive he is out there and what a playmaker he is. He had a pick it seemed like every other practice. Again, that's one of the stresses the coaches have put on us. We were, I think, 29th in the league in giving up big plays in the passing game. That's one thing we looked at in the offseason and we really strived to get better at it."

What do you think of the comments?

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