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ESPN: 'Joe Philbin on the right path?'

We'd like to interrupt your regularly scheduled Aaron Hernandez soap opera to bring you news that's actually Dolphins related. ESPN's James Walker this afternoon posted a short article about how he's been impressed with Miami head coach Joe Philbin thus far. Works for us.

The Dolphins might have their man in Joe Philbin.
The Dolphins might have their man in Joe Philbin.
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ESPN's James Walker likes him some Joe Philbin.

The blogger this afternoon posted a short write-up about Philbin on the heels of ESPN's Herm Edwards releasing an article detailing his top five up-and-coming coaches in the NFL. Philbin was No. 2 on Edwards' list, and Walker had similar praise for the second-year Dolphins coach.

"As a Miami resident, I spend a lot of time with the Dolphins and have been impressed with how Philbin goes about his business," Walker wrote. "He has an even-keeled demeanor and a sly sense of humor that works well in the NFL. Philbin also went 7-9 last year with a rebuilding Dolphins team, and his game-day decisions were mostly solid in his first season.

It's nice to Philbin getting some much-deserved respect and attention heading into his second year as Dolphins head coach. And as Walker pointed out in his article, this Miami squad will look considerably different than the one Philbin coached in 2012.

"Similar to NFL players, Philbin has to prove that his first season was not a fluke. He's in a very good position to avoid a sophomore slump," Walker wrote. "The Dolphins spent more than $200 million in free agency, which included $117 in guaranteed money. The team Philbin has in Year 2 is more talented, more athletic and more versatile than his 2012 group.

"Expectations are higher this year in Miami, and the bar also has been raised for Philbin. His 7-9 record was a pleasant surprise last season. But in 2013, he must prove that he can do better and finish with a winning record with more talent at his disposal."

You can read Walker's short write-up here.