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Filed under: Light 'never embraced' Hernandez

One day removed from former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez being charged with murder, the team's former left tackle, Matt Light, has come out and shed some light on Hernandez's standing in New England's locker room.

Sad but true.
Sad but true.

Here comes the part where the New England Patriots begin distancing themselves from former teammate Aaron Hernandez. The line for mass exodus begins to the left. the League writer Chris Wesseling on Thursday morning posted an article in which former Patriots left tackle Matt Light states that he "never embraced—never believed in—anything Aaron Hernandez stood for."

According to the article, Light wasn't the only Patriot who was unimpressed with Hernandez. The Boston Globe's Ben Volin made an appearance on NFL Network Wednesday and said that Hernandez "never fit the Patriots' locker room culture." Volin made mention of an incident during Hernandez's rookie year in which he "went way out of line" and "lashed out" at receiver Wes Welker with what was simply described as an "expletive-filled overreaction to locker-room chiding."

Fascinating. And here I thought all of the Patriots enjoyed Hernandez' "shoot dice and make it rain" endzone celebration. Nevertheless, Hernandez is destined for the Gigli zone: the place where a player's existence is all but completely denied by their former team. In the meantime, we'll continue to see stories about how the Patriots didn't believe in Hernandez.

You can read Wesseling's article here.