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Vonta Leach agent: Dolphins "right place to be"

As the pursuit of Vonta Leach continues for the Miami Dolphins, good news may be coming from his agent. According to a report, Ralph Vitolo believes Miami is the right place for Leach.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have been aggressively pursuing free agent fullback Vonta Leach since he was released two weeks ago by the Baltimore Ravens. They hosted him on a visit the day after the release, and have been in dialog with him and his agent, Ralph Vitolo, since.

While the Ravens, New York Giants, and Houston Texans are all said to be in the sweepstakes to land the three time All Pro, the Dolphins have appeared to be the front runner throughout the process. According to Vitolo, that's still the situation.

According to the Miami Herald, Vitolo was asked yesterday if he believes a deal between the Dolphins and his client will be completed. "I think so," he replied. "I hope so. It's the right place to be. We're trying to crunch the numbers."

Earlier this week, Leach talked about the situation with the Dolphins on SiriusXM Radio NFL:

"Nothing happened. When I met with the Dolphins, we didn't really go over a timetable. We didn't go over a timetable. They weren't really is a rush to get anything done, and I'm not in a rush to get anything done. I want to weigh all my options, see what's the best fit for me."

Leach has said he hopes to have a deal in place this week, with whichever team he decides to join in 2013.

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