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Patriots release Aaron Hernandez

The New England Patriots have released tight end Aaron Hernandez.


Just two hours after being arrested, Aaron Hernandez has been released. Unfortunately for him, it was not a release from jail, but a release from his roster spot with the New England Patriots. Announced via the above tweet, Hernandez will no longer be a member of the Patriots.

Earlier today, police led a handcuffed Hernandez from his home. Hernandez has been at the center of a murder investigation after the body of 27-year-old, semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd was found in an industrial park near the Hernandez home. Video evidence shows Hernandez and Lloyd together just hours before his murder.

The charges leading to Hernandez's arrest have not yet been announced. Last week, an arrest warrant on obstruction charges had been prepared but not executed. Officials have said they will announce the charges after Hernandez is arraigned at the Attleboro District Court.

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