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It's the offseason and everyone is looking for something to discuss. What better time to unleash a new set of power rankings? did just that yesterday, and today, we get to discuss.


Deep in the offseason, there's not a lot going on in the NFL. We're smack in the middle of that, with minicamps over and training camp still a month away. This sounds like the perfect time for some power rankings.

Oh, look at that, posted yesterday are some power rankings. These rankings update their previous set from the beginning of May.

At the top of the rankings, Elliot Harrison of move the Seattle Seahawks over the San Francisco 49ers, explaining that Michael Crabtree's injury causes the 49ers to fall behind their NFC West rivals. Third and fourth positions continue to be filled by the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons, respectively, with the Green Bay Packers jumping up one spot to claim fifth.

As for the Miami Dolphins, they also moved up this month. Harrison now ranks Miami as the 14th team in the league, writing:

Still high on the Miami Dolphins, but 14 is as high as we go on potential. The Fins are certainly a threat to the Patriots in the East, but a bunch of free-agent signees frolicking around in gym shorts and a 2012 record of 7-9 is not enough to leapfrog the Colts or Bears in these rankings. Heard some good things about a returnee, though. Armon Binns is practicing well and making a play for the slot, potentially giving this team an inside complement to Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline.

I can understand that. It is hard to justify moving a 7-9 team ahead of winning teams from last year, without playing any games. But, the Dolphins are a much improved team (on paper) from last year. They should be moving up power rankings boards. A fourteenth ranking would put the Dolphins in the playoff hunt for 2013, and is just six places behind the New England Patriots.

What do you think of the power rankings? Is Miami too high? Too low? Just right?

[Hat tip to PhrozenPhish]

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