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Police search Hernandez home again, No arrest made

The on-going investigation into the murder of Odin Lloyd resulted in another search of the home of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez yesterday. However, there has yet to be any arrest made in connection to the case.


The continuing drama surrounding New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez and his connection to the murder of Odin Llyod, a 27-year old semi-pro football player, continued on Saturday, with police searching the Hernandez home for four hours. Reports indicate dozens of officers and two canine units were involved in the search.

When the search was complete, officers left with "loads of unmarked bags, which may have contained evidence collected from the house."

An arrest warrant for Hernandez, on obstruction of justice charges, has been issued, however it has yet to be executed. The home's security system, including video surveillance, is said to have been destroyed, as well as a phone Hernandez used handed over to police after being smashed. It appears investigators are attempting to use the arrest warrant for leverage to get Hernandez to fully cooperate in the investigation.

Along with questions about what happened Sunday night into Monday morning, prior to Lloyd's death, the police also want to know why a cleaning crew was called to the Hernandez home prior to investigators arrival earlier in the week.

Lloyd, Hernandez, and two other men are on video together at a Boston bar Sunday night. The four men left together in a car said to be driven by Hernandez. However, when it arrived at the house, sources have said only three people were still inside.

Lloyd's body was found in an industrial park behind the house, with "multiple gunshot wounds, including one in the back of the head. He is thought to have been killed pre-dawn Monday, but his body was not discovered until Monday night.

Hernandez has been linked to two other firearm incidents. He is currently being sued by a former friend who is claiming Hernandez shot him in Miami in February. The two men were, allegedly, in a strip club when they got into an argument. They left the club, and while driving, Hernandez pointed a gun, which he, according to the lawsuit, was not licensed to have, at the man, which then discharged. The bullet passed through the man's arm, and into his head. He lost his right eye in the incident.

Hernandez was also questioned in connection to an incident in Gainesville during his freshman year with the Gators. Then, Hernandez and two other Gators, along with a Jacksonville Jaguars player, were in the vicinity when someone began shooting at a car, striking one man in the head and the driver in the arm. None of the players were arrested in connection to the case.

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