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Luke Joeckel signs rookie deal with Jaguars; Sets stage for Dion Jordan deal with Dolphins

The Jacksonville Jaguars announced the signing of second overall pick, offensive tackle Luke Joeckel. The move sets the expectations for third pick Dion Jordan with the Miami Dolphins.

Al Bello

According to various media reports, the Jacksonville Jaguars have announced the signing of second overall pick Luke Joeckel. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the four-year, rookie contract, is worth $21.2 million, fully guaranteed. The contract features a $13,799,344 signing bonus.

The deal also contains no offset language, meaning, even if the Jaguars release Joeckel during the contract, they will be responsible for paying him his entire $21.2 million.

All of this is of note for the Miami Dolphins down in South Florida, who traded up in the draft to select defensive end Dion Jordan with the third overall pick. On the other side of Jordan, the Philadelphia Eagles are still waiting to agree to terms with fourth overall pick, tackle Lane Johnson.

The Detroit Lions signed fifth pick Ezekiel Ansah to an $18.6 million, fully guaranteed contract, with an $11,903,280 signing bonus. Ansah's deal also had no offset language.

Using the second and fifth overall picks as models, Jordan's deal should come in somewhere around $20 million over four-years, with a $13.1 million signing bonus. The deal will likely be fully guaranteed and, if the others are really used as a guide, there will be no offset language.

However, the Dolphins, who negotiated offset language with eighth overall pick, quarterback Ryan Tannehill in 2012, have been rumored to want it in place with their 2013 pick as well. The 2012 ninth overall pick, Luke Kuechly, did not have offset language in his deal with the Carolina Panthers, which was in place prior to Tannehill's.

Dolphins' Dion Jordan at 2013 NFLPA Rookie Premiere

Jordan was unable to participate in any Dolphins offseason workouts, other than the rookie minicamp, due to NFL rules. The league prohibits any player from joining his club prior to the end of the current academic term. Oregon's spring quarter did not end until June 14, a day after Miami's mandatory minicamp ended.

The team will not reconvene until the start of training camp in mid-July. Last year, negotiations with Tannehill took until a couple of days into training camp. We will see if the same thing happens with Jordan this season.

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