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PFT Dolphins Mt. Rushmore

As we did, recently, Pro Football Talk just announced their Miami Dolphins Mt. Rushmore. Do you agree with their selection?

Malcolm Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Recently, we here on the Phinsider held a vote for the second edition of the Miami Dolphins' Mt. Rushmore. Essentially, we asked who the second group of four players should be in the "All Time Miami Dolphins," because the first four spots were given to Don Shula, Dan Marino, Larry Csonka, and Bob Griese. After nearly 1,000 votes, Mt. Rushmore 2 became Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Dwight Stephenson, and Joe Robbie.

Yesterday, NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk announced Mike Florio's Miami Dolphins Mt. Rushmore. They named the top four in team history as Shula, Marino, Csonka, and Taylor, leaving Griese out of the top four.

Do you agree with that decision? Should the Dolphins' Mt. Rushmore be sans Griese?

Also, do you think Joe Robbie, who only received 27% of the vote in our Mt. Rushmore 2 vote, deserves consideration for the top Mt. Rushmore? Robbie, the first owner of the Dolphins, was not included in PFT's consideration.

Let us know in your comments below.

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