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Defining success for the Miami Dolphins' 2013 season

The Miami Dolphins have done a lot of roster remodeling this year, and are looking to improve drastically on the field in 2013. But, what is success this year?

Norm Hall

The 2013 Miami Dolphins roster is completely different than the roster that ended the team's 2012 campaign. With new weapons like Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller, Brent Grimes, and Dion Jordan, there are pieces in place to turn the franchise back into a winning team. But, what is success in 2013?

As we have discussed previously, the Dolphins have seen their over/under for 2013 set at 7.5 wins. That puts Miami in almost the exact same position they ended last year. Is that too low? Of course it is, because we are all fans of the team and we expect the giant leap forward the new additions could bring with them.

But, if we are realistic, what will the real total be? How many does it need to be?

I actually asked a similar question on Facebook earlier today, but wanted to bring it to the site.

How many wins for Miami Dolphins fans need to see for the season to be considered successful?

What do the Dolphins need to show you, for you to be happy with this year? Is it simply not having a losing record for the first time in five years? Is it double digit wins, three more than last year?

To be clear, this is not how many wins do you THINK the Dolphins will have. This is how many wins MUST they have for you to say, "This year was a successful season."

Please vote in the poll below.

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