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Past Dolphins running back to put on today's team

If you had the power to pick any one Miami Dolphins running back from the past to put back on the team today, who would it be?

Marc Serota

Once again, we enter the world of random magical powers. We seem to do that a lot in the offseason. Anyway, today's magical powers will allow you to bring any one Miami Dolphins running back from the past back to plug into the team today. The trick is, you do not get to change the team in any way. It's still going to be Joe Philbin's team and Mike Sherman's offense.

So, who do you choose?

We asked this question on Facebook yesterday, so now it's time to see if our results come out the same with our full community.

Will it be someone like a power running Larry Csonka? Or would you rather have the wildcat triggerman Ronnie Brown? Vote in our poll below.

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