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Vonta Leach leaves Miami without deal; 7 teams interested according to agent

The Miami Dolphins hosted free agent fullback Vonta Leach today. Reports indicate he left Miami without a deal and returned home to North Carolina. According to his agent, the Dolphins are just one of seven teams interested in the former Baltimore Raven.


The Miami Dolphins welcomed former Baltimore Ravens fullback Vonta Leach to Davie today, visiting with the free agent. The Dolphins, who claimed fullback/tight end Evan Rodriguez off waivers yesterday, are clearly looking to improve their fullback position. However, Leach left Miami for his home in North Carolina without a deal.

According to Leach's agent, the Dolphins, who were the first to host Leach, a day after he was released by the Ravens, there are actually seven teams interested in Leach.

"There are seven teams that have contacted me expressing interest," agent Ralph Vitolo told a Houston TV station. "You have to look at the free agent market to establish your worth and see where you're comfortable at."

Other teams linked to interest in Leach include:

Of course, the "interest" from other teams started coming out right as word that Leach was leaving Miami without a deal. It could be real interest - or it could be his agent leaking rumored teams to try to drive up the price for the Dolphins.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins and General Manager Jeff Ireland have demonstrated repeatedly over the past two seasons, they are pretty good in a staring contest. Once the teams makes an assessment of the value for a player, they don't usually change that assessment. If a player can get more money somewhere else, the Dolphins, typically, stay out of bidding wars.

We'll see if Leach becomes one.

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