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Ryan Tannehill post minicamp day 1 comments

The Miami Dolphins held their first day of minicamp yesterday. Here is the transcript of quarterback Ryan Tannehill's post-practice comments.


After the first day of the 2013 minicamp yesterday, Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill spoke with the media. Here's the transcript of his comments:

(On his impressions of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel) - "I haven't worked out with him (recently), but I worked out with him for a year while I was at A&M. What you see on the field is what you get in practice; an athletic guy who can run around and make plays, and obviously he is pretty good at it."

(On how he feels now going into his second year compared to how he felt last year at this time) - "Well it's night and day compared to last year. Just the confidence and the knowledge of the game and what is going on. I still have a lot of work to do, but I am comfortable with where I am at and where this team is at. Anything we can do to get better, myself included, it's easier to build this year compared to last year. Last year, I didn't know what was going on, where I was going to be on the depth chart and competing for a starting job. So now that I'm kind of in that spot, we can work on chemistry. I can work on connecting with the receivers and making plays."

(On what he wants to accomplish during minicamp as opposed to OTAs) - "Well it is a longer practice is a little bit more competitive, a little bit more tense. You see how guys respond to the heat, respond to a long practice. Being in Miami, it's not the easiest practice situation where it's 75 and you go out there and run all day, but we're pushing the tempo, we are challenging the offense and seeing how guys are handling it. So, I think today was a good first day. We have a lot of work to do, but it was a good start for us."

(On how he has seen the offense progress in year two under Coach Philbin) - "I definitely think we've progressed. I think that's the natural progression of not only a quarterback but also an offense. The more time you are in a system, you more comfortable you can get and the more you can do. It's more of a reaction and not overthinking. I'm excited about this upcoming year, and I'm excited these next couple days of minicamp, and we just need to get better."

(On the quarterback protection with Jonathan Martin moving over to the left side) - "That's what this time is for. I'm comfortable with those guys. They're out here working every day. By the time the season is going to start, I couldn't be more comfortable with those guys."

(On how important it is to develop a relationship with the new receivers and get on the same page) - "It's huge. You know so much of the quarterback-receiver (relationship) is being on the same page. If you're not on the same page just one step, it can be an interception as opposed to a big play. So, you've got to build that chemistry. You've got to know what each other is thinking on certain routes and certain looks. You do that by staying after (practice) and getting extra throws in. Once you do that then you can better understand each other."

(On getting to see the guys that were added to the team perform on the field) - "It's exciting. Like I said the more I get to know these guys, the more they understand the offense and what's going on, you can feel the excitement building. Now it's just on us to take advantage of it and make the plays in practice so that way we can make them in the game."

(On what it is like to throw to a receiver (Mike Wallace) who has such speed) - "It's fun to think that I always have to get it out there. I think the first couple days I not completely underthrew him, but he had to slow up a step. When you have a speed guy like that you don't want to slow him up, you want him to hit that last gear and separate at the end. So, that's the thing I am working on right now."

(On what Dustin Keller brings to the offense) - "He definitely brings a vertical stretch inside. When you add Keller along with (Charles) Clay, you have two tight ends who stretch the field inside."

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