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Randy Starks reports to Dolphins minicamp

The Miami Dolphins opened their mandatory minicamp today. Pro Bowl defensive tackle Randy Starks, who has skipped all of the offseason program up until now, did report to camp today.


The Miami Dolphins have opened their 2013 minicamp, the one mandatory workout during the offseason. Apparently, that "mandatory" word actually means something, as defensive tackle Randy Starks reported to minicamp, the first team event he has attended this offseason.

Starks is protesting receiving the franchise tag this year by skipping all of the "optional" workout program activities this year. Despite having a fully guaranteed $8.45 million this year, Starks is unhappy, wanting a long term deal from the Dolphins.

If he had skipped the minicamp, Starks could have been fined by the team.

Asked about how it felt to return to the team, Starks told the media "It felt really good. I missed these guys."

"I'm happy to be out here," he continued, "getting ready for the season to get started. My teammates are like my brothers. I ready to grind with these guys."

That grind may take a while. Starks spent the day working on individual and position drills, along with some special teams work. Jared Odrick continued to hold the starting defensive tackle position next to Paul Soliai, while Olivier Vernon took Odrick's defensive end position.

The team will likely continue to bring Starks along slowly, wanting to make sure he is in shape prior to risking injury to their franchise player.

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