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Chad Johnson heading to jail for butt slap

Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson (if you want to call his preseason stint enough to make him a "former Miami Dolphins wide receiver) is heading to jail for failing to make contact during his probation from the domestic violence charge last summer. But, looking more closely, it's a butt slap that really put him behind bars.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson is heading to jail. He was sentenced today to 30-days in jail after violating his probation from the domestic violence case that led to his departure from the Dolphins last summer. Johnson pleaded no contest to allegations that he had head butt his then wife Evelyn Lozada after the two had argued in Johnson's Smart Car.

From that, Johnson was sentenced to probation, including the requirement to keep in contact with his assigned probation officer. Johnson, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office, failed to make contact in February and March, as well as failed to show proof of completion of the Batterers Intervention Program as required. An arrest warrant was then issued for Johnson, who turned himself in.

Johnson's attorney, Adam Swickle, stated at the time of the warrant that it was simply a misunderstanding, with Johnson believing he was on administrative probation, meaning no regular check-in was required.

Prosecutors originally had asked for jail time for the probation violation, but a plea deal was reached. As the deal was completed, Judge Kathleen McHugh stated, "You better thank your lawyer. He did a great job for you."

Johnson, who had accepted a lengthened probation period in the deal, agreed and slapped Swickle on the butt as a sign of thanks. With the courtroom laughing at the move, Judge McHugh revoked the deal, stating that she felt Johnson was not taking the case seriously. She sentenced Johnson to 30-days in jail.

The lengthened probation period and the community service hours that were in the plea deal were also added to the sentence.

Johnson did apologize several times to Judge McHugh, stating that he had never meant any disrespect with the butt-slap.

Johnson was with the Dolphins during last year's preseason, looking to revive a career that neared the end with a lackluster performance during his time with the New England Patriots. Johnson's release following the domestic violence arrest was broadcast during the team's appearance on HBO and NFL Film's Hard Knocks.

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