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Miami Dolphins historical fantasy draft

You've been given the opportunity to draft one former Miami Dolphins player, restored to his prime, and put him on the current roster. Who would it be....and Dan Marino is out.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to fantasy land. In today's episode of an impossible discussion that's only fun because it's the offseason and we can think about things like this, we bring you a fantasy draft question. You've been given the power to draft one former Miami Dolphins player and put him, in his prime, on the current team's roster. Who would it be?

The rules:

1. DAN MARINO IS OUT. You can't pick him, because everyone would.

2. You have to explain why that player, and how he would fit into the Dolphins' lineup. Picking Jason Taylor is great, and a lot of people probably would, but what do you do with Jared Odrick, Olivier Vernon, and Dion Jordan? Not saying you can't take Taylor, just explain what picking him would do to the roster.

3. You only get one player. You can use it on any player, but you must pick one.

Here is my answer: Zach Thomas. As much as I would love to grab someone like Jason Taylor, one of the Marks Brothers, Reggie Roby, Ricky Williams, or Larry Csonka, in the end, I want someone to take charge of the defense, who will be able to cover the mistakes of some of the young guys, and is simply going to dominate the middle of the field. If you can put Zach Thomas in as the middle linebacker on this team, there is zero chance that this defense has any struggles this year.

In order to put Thomas into the middle of the defense, I am putting Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler as the outside linebackers, and moving Koa Misi into a reserve linebacker/defensive end role. Misi is a solid player, who can assist in run defense, and has decent pass rush skills. He's not going to be a Pro Bowler in either role, but if someone gets hurt, or if someone simply needs to come out for a play or two, Misi will be good for that.

Now, it's up to you. Who would you pick?

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