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Miami Dolphins 2013 schedule: Early look at the point spreads

The 2013 NFL schedule has been out for nearly a month now, with everyone pouring over how many games each team can win. Now that free agency has slowed and the draft is over, Las Vegas has entered the fray, releasing odds for the first 16 weeks of the NFL season.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The 2013 NFL season is getting ready to kick off....wait...what? We still have four months until the first games? Close enough.

At least, that's how Las Vegas sees it. With the NFL Draft complete and free agency slowing, Cantor Gaming, which runs several Las Vegas sports books, released their initial odds on the first 16 weeks of the 2013 NFL schedule. They don't project Week 17 due to the uncertainty of what teams will be resting starters by that point.

Before we take a look at the entire slate for the Miami Dolphins, here are a few observations I had:

1. The Dolphins are favored as the away team just one time, in Week 1 against the Cleveland Browns. They are even two other times on the road, in Week 2 against the Indianapolis Colts and in Week 16 at the Buffalo Bills.
2. Miami is favored at home four times, against the Bills (Week 7), the Cincinnati Bengals (Thursday Night Football Week 9), the San Diego Chargers (Week 11), and the Carolina Panthers (Week 12).
3. The first half of the season is brutal for Miami, with the team favored only twice, Week 1 at Cleveland and Week 7 versus Buffalo. The team is the underdog to the Atlanta Falcons (-1), the New Orleans Saints (-4.5), the Baltimore Ravens (-1), and the New England Patriots (-7) over the span.
4. The Dolphins face the longest odds against the Patriots in Foxboro in Week 8. After that , it's at the Saints in Week 4's Monday Night Football (-4.5) and at the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 14 (-3.5).
5. Miami is favored the most against the Bills in Week 7 with a 4 point spread. The Dolphins are three point favorites over the Chargers in Week 11.
6. If everything goes chalk, the Dolphins would go into Week 17 of the season with a 6-9 record (splitting the two Pick 'em games).

Here's the full Dolphins schedule with odds.

Week 1
Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns
Week 2
Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts
Pick Pick
Week 3
Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins
Week 4 (MNF)
Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints
Week 5
Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins
Week 7
Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins
Week 8
Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots
Week 9 (TNF)
Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins
Week 10 (MNF)
Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 11
San Diego Chargers at Miami Dolphins
Week 12
Carolina Panthers at Miami Dolphins
Week 13
Miami Dolphins at New York Jets
Week 14
Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 15
New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins
Week 16
Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills
Pick Pick

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