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Return of the Phinsider Mailbag

As was previewed last night, the Phinsider Mailbag is making its comeback. Here are all the details of how to ask your question about the Dolphins, the NFL, or whatever else you feel like mailing in.

Jasper Juinen

The Phinsider Mailbag is coming back! We are setting up a new email address for it, and letting you ask whatever you would like about the Miami Dolphins, the NFL, or, possibly, anything else you want. Here's how.

The Phinsider Mailbag's email address is: All you have to do is send us an email with your question. Pretty simply, right?

Of course, you can also send us questions on Twitter or Facebook. On Twitter, you can ask us your question, just use the hashtag #PhinsiderMail, and we will pick it up. On Facebook, you can ask us a question on our Phinsider Page.

The mailbag will be emptied whenever it gets full. The more questions you guys ask, the more times we will answer your questions. Let us know what you want to know, and we will talk about it. We will also use a combination of the writers here on the site to get input for the answer to your questions.

Have fun and send in your questions!

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