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Dolphins Rookie Jersey Numbers

The Miami Dolphins held their first day of rookie minicamp today. With the first year players hitting the field, we also get a first look at the numbers they may be wearing for the team.


The Miami Dolphins held the first day of the 2013 rookie minicamp today, with over 50 players getting a chance to get on the field and workout for the coaches. While we will later discuss the reports coming out of the practice (like Dion Jordan and Dallas Thomas wokring with trainers due to their respective shoulder surgeries, and Caleb Sturgis connecting fro 43, 49, and 50 yards on three consecutive kicks), one other thing that is always a point of interest is the numbers the rookies will wear.

Of course, these are just preliminary numbers. When players get cut, you could see the rookies change their respective jerseys to the newly vacated number. But, here's the early look at what Miami's nine draft picks will be wearing this year:

Dion Jordan, Defensive end - 95

Jamar Taylor, Cornerback - 22

Dallas Thomas, Offensive lineman - 70

Will Davis, Cornerback - 29

Jelani Jenkins, Linebacker - 43

Dion Sims, Tight end - 80

Mike Gillislee, Running back - 35

Caleb Sturgis, Kicker - 9

Don Jones, Cornerback - 36

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