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Dolphins Rumors: No Tim Tebow in Plans

The internet has been abuzz for the last few days with the idea that the Miami Dolphins could be in the sweepstakes for free agent quarterback Tim Tebow. However, the team has no plans to bring him in.

Scott Cunningham

On Monday, the New York Jets made news by releasing back up quarterback Tim Tebow. Of course, because it was Tebow, the news immediately took national headlines. Maybe the only thing more persistent this week than news on Tebow's release has been an incessant swirling of rumors that Tebow and the Miami Dolphins could be destined to end up together.

There are a few understandable reasons why the links could be made. Tebow is a Floridian. Adding him to the Dolphins, who have struggled to sell out Sun Life Stadium over the past few years, would increase ticket sales. Miami was savvy enough to honor the Florida Gators' National Championship game when the Denver Broncos, and Tebow, were in town in 2011. The Dolphins have been the big spenders this year in free agency, and could extend that spending to Tebow.

None of those reasons are actual football reasons though. And, for that reason, don'r expect Tebow to be in Miami any time soon.

Yesterday, Sun-Sentinel reporter Omar Kelly reported that the team has not completely ruled out Tebow, which is exactly what General Manager Jeff Ireland says about every free agent or trade possibility out there. According to Kelly's source, the Dolphins' addition of Tebow "hasn't been discussed," however.

Tebow does not fit in with the Dolphins' current offense. The team has second year quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who does not need to deal with Tebowmania sitting on the bench behind him. Second string quarterback Matt Moore is widely seen as the best backup quarterback in the league, and is the perfect compliment to Tannehill. Third stringer Pat Devlin is a coach favorite, and is developing to take over for Moore after the season.

Tebow does not have a role as a quarterback.

I will say, if he is willing to completely give up on being a quarterback, and instead focuses on an H-back type of role, maybe Miami could use Tebow. However, he has not given any indication that he is done as a signal caller.

Even then, the Dolphins will probably look the other way when it comes to Tebow. Head coach Joe Philbin does not like distractions around his team. Tebow, even if it is not anything he is doing himself, is the definition of a distraction.

Miami is not pursuing Tim Tebow. Yet, the rumors continue.

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