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NFL Top 100 Results: Cameron Wake 89

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After being unranked in 2012, Miami Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake returned to the NFL's Top 100 Players as voted upon by the players. Somehow, Wake's ranking is 89.


When you hear that a Miami Dolphins player is going to be in the next grouping of the NFL's Top 100 Players, you immediately start trying to guess who it will be. Thursday night, the NFL released players 90-81 in the countdown. Knowing the grouping, and that a Dolphins player is included, players that come to mind in that range are wide receiver Brian Hartline, center Mike Pouncey, running back Reggie Bush, or safety Reshad Jones. Those seem like the talent from the 2012 Miami roster that would rank near the high end of the spectrum.

And it was none of them. Instead, it was the center piece of Miami's defense that landed the spot.

Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake returned to the NFL's Top 100 Players list this year after not making it in 2012. In 2011, the Pro Bowler was ranked 63rd. This year, the NFL players ranked Wake as the 89th best player in the league.

The countdown is decided upon by the players, who rank their peers based on their past season performance. Apparently being fourth in the league in sacks (15.0), third in the AFC, did not impress the players of the NFL. Being voted as a starter in the Pro Bowl - not impressive, despite 2/3 of the vote coming from the NFL's players and coaches. He was an AP First Team All Pro selection, meaning he was one of the top two defensive ends in the game. Still, not impressive apparently.

I'm sorry, Cameron Wake at 89 makes no sense to me. I'm not saying he should be a top 10 player, and maybe not even in the top 40 - but 89? That seems incredible.

To see the video on Wake's ranking, check out

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