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The State of the Miami Dolphins: Let’s Hear Your Views!

With free agency and the draft well and truly over, all we as fans have to look forward to is the odd free agent signing and the preseason. With that in mind, I thought it was as good chance as any to hear what YOU have to say about the Miami Dolphins and the direction they’re heading in.


Ever wanted to air your views about the Miami Dolphins on the big stage? Now is your chance!

Seeing that free agency and the draft is over, I want to turn my attention to what YOU guys think about the future of our football team going into next season, and beyond.

The way it will work is this. Right now, if you're interested in participating, please write in the comments section below. I will then select a few of you randomly per week, and send you an email with a series of questions. All the questions to each person will be completely different. Also, please try to limit each answer to about 500 characters. When you have filled in your answers, I will then post what you write on the front page, here at thephinsider!

So please leave your name below in the comments section. If your email isn't listed on your SBNATION account, flick me over an email me with your screen name, so that I have an email address to get those questions over to you.

Are you in? Let's do this! This is a unique opportunity to get your views across!