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How the 2013 Miami Dolphins are being assembled

The Miami Dolphins have completed an aggressive turnover of their roster this offseason. Exactly how is that roster built? ProFootballRosters has the answer.

Al Bello

ProFootballRosters has gone through all 90 members of the Miami Dolphins, from the longest tenured member of the team (long snapper John Denney) through to the 19 undrafted free agents currently on the roster. They then built a chart to show how each member of the team was acquired.

You can check out the whole chart above, but here are some of my thoughts:

  • Only nine players on the roster joined the team before 2010. The 2012 and 2013 acquisitions account for 72% of the roster (65 of 90). This is the definition of a young roster.
  • The Dolphins have 11 players who were undrafted free agents prior to this year. General Manager Jeff Ireland does like to look for acorns, and he is not afraid of keeping them.
  • Despite the gutting of the 2008 (0 remaining players) and the 2009 (2) Draft classes, the team has acquired 31 players through the draft, the most of any category. The next highest is undrafted free agents, with 30 players signed to the team.
  • Miami has no players on the roster for whom they have traded, but have claimed seven players from waivers or the practice squad of other teams.

What did you get out of the chart? Anything surprise you?

[Hat tip to Scott Salmon, Gang Green Nation]

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