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Offseason Discussion: Why your screen name?

It's the offseason. Why not use this time to talk about some other things?


As the offseason continues, fewer and fewer things are making news. That makes it the perfect time to discuss other things, like today's offseason discussion. Stealing an idea from Tennessee Titans blob Music City Miracles, our question for today involves your screen name. When we came to the Phinsider, we all had to choose a name. Some of us simply went with our real name, some of us picked our favorite Dolphins player, some just made up something. We are all known by our screen names here, but we don't all know why those names exist.

For me, obviously my screen name is now my real name. But, I was not always Kevin Nogle on the site. When I took over the site as the managing editor, I changed my name from Mosul_DolFan to my real name. But, from 2008 to 2011, I had my Mosul moniker.

I was deployed to Iraq, looking for some way to keep up with the Dolphins, when I found the Phinsider. When I wanted to start commenting, I needed a name. Since I was in Mosul, I picked Mosul_DolFan. It was a pretty simple thought process.

What's the story behind your name?

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